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Ready Technology

Ready Technology is included with the release of LearningGuide Manager (LGM) 7.1

By embedding directly within applications, Ready Technology captures the user’s context, fetches the most relevant support content, and serves just-enough support back to the user. Unlike e-learning, simulations, searching, help, or calling the helpdesk, Ready Technology enables the user to solve their own issue within 2-clicks and 10-seconds; therefore, greatly increasing productivity and reducing support costs.



  • Ready Agent: Ultra-thin software client that’s aware of the user’s context.
  • Ready Window: Micro-interface used to deliver just-enough support to the user within 2-clicks & 10-seconds.
  • Ready Rules: The set of business rules that govern which content is displayed based on the user’s context.
  • Ready Alerts: Alerts can be displayed, based on the user’s context, to prevent errors and drive consistent application use.
  • Ready Content: A library of Ready Technology-enabled content and integration rules available for Office 2010 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Access), Office 365 with SharePoint, and Lync 2010.
  • Broad Application Support: Ready Technology supports most enterprise applications based on modern desktop and web-based architectures.
  • Cross-application Support: Consistent support can be delivered as a user traverses applications.