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About Us

Academe: Empowerment through knowledge

Academe, is a Botswana company.

It is the sole distributor of Ontutive products in Africa and has appointed partners in Botswana and Value Added Resellers (“VARs”) in the Republic of South Africa (“RSA”). Ontuitive is an international company specialising in employee effectiveness and productivity at the workplace through performance support solutions (PSS) that give knowledge workers instant assistance at the moment of need.

Academe is a provider of Ontuitive learning and performance support solutions (PSS) for businesses effecting software migrations and deployments, in addition to enhancing the training process. Both Academe and Ontuitive believe that people learn by doing. We also believe that no employee comes to work wanting to perform poorly. But sometimes the critical skills and knowledge needed to get the job done just aren’t there. And the pace of change in today’s businesses is unprecedented. From new business processes, enterprise applications and shifting competencies, the pace of change makes it very difficult for employees to keep up.

Traditional training and e-learning programs can be time-consuming and ineffective. Informal learning sources can be inconsistent and wrong. Help is too generic and often doesn’t actually help. And overusing the help desk isn’t the answer, either. Ontuitive bridges that gap with performance support solutions that are specifically designed for the needs of your company and the needs of your employees, especially during periods of rapid change.


Academe is located in Gaborone, where its team:

  • Offers all of Ontuitive’s off-the-shelf performance support such as MOS, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Sharepoint as well as SalesForce.com together with statistics on employee behaviour as well as an interactive help-desk-on-line;
  • Develops customized solutions for Ontuitive’s clients in the United States and in Europe;
  • Provides workplace training on MOS using Ontuitive’s Performance Support tool, thereby customizing the training to the exact needs of its clients and training employees to become self learners as opposed to tacit students;
  • Provides pre-customised Induction Performance Support to accelerate the initiation of new employees into your work environment;
  • Develops, and customizes training support material to supplement and enhance effective use of applications and systems, such as your Finance, Procurement, Employee or Customer Relationship Management softwares using Ontuitive’s methodology and its LearningGuide Manager.


Academe’s employees are themselves trained to be in full accord with Vision 2016. We offer a development program where employees are tasked to become autonomous and creative in their servicing of our clients. We offer a sound work environment with fair compensation to our employees, a return to our owners, and royalty to Ontuitive.

We are BQA accredited since November 2010 for using the LearningGuide for training on Microsoft Office Suite (MOS), and we are one of the first companies to have joined the Botswana Innovation Hub (“BIH”) in December 2010. We also work hand in hand with the Microsoft Innovation Center at the BIH.