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LearningGuide Manager 7 (LGM)

LearningGuide Manager 7 (LGM) is Ontuitive’s performance support design and content delivery platform. A key attribute of our software is that it’s methodology-driven. In other words, our software ensures that the principles of performance support are built into every solution.

Unlike general-purpose content authoring, e-learning and simulation tools that rely on a designer’s unique (and often varying) approach, LearningGuide Manager provides a “lighted path” for designers to follow toward solution success

LGM features Ready Technology, a giant step forward in providing employees with embedded, contextual, and just-enough support, helping them solve their own issues in just 2-clicks & 10-seconds. Learn more about Ready Technology


LearningGuide Manager includes the following core capabilities:

  • Design: Allows content designers to capture the overarching solution design prior to diving into creating or integrating content.
  • Develop: Enables creation of both performance support and traditional learning content.
  • Manage: Functionality for tagging and categorizing content objects for ease of ongoing maintenance.
  • Integrate: Tools for selecting and embedding existing learning and support resources within the performance support solution.
  • Deliver: Technology that enables delivery of the performance support solution from a single source to different end-user channels/modalities


Delivery Channels/Modalities:

  • Embedded within Web-based and desktop enterprise applications
  • Mobile delivery via Web browser or native application
  • Desktop Web browser delivery
  • Traditional delivery via e-learning
  • Traditional print delivery