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What is Performance Support?

Performance support is not a difficult concept. It’s putting the right information — and access to that information — into the hands of your workforce, right when they need it. Think of it as giving your employees quick references to the complex software and business processes they use every day. It is just enough, just in time and just for you, assistance accessible in two clicks and ten seconds!

Ontuitive’ flagship EPSS, LearningGuide, delivers targeted information to your employees at the most critical “moment of need,” i.e. when applying what they have learnt, when things change or when something goes wrong at the workplace.

The LearningGuide is a unique EPSS in that it offers the employee just embedded support (since it is installed in the application being used), with just enough steps to perform the task at hand and in the context of the user, be it by role, process or unique job task. This architecture accelerates performance by offering role-tailored support that provides immediate help and training to your employees’ current workplace challenges.

Ontuitive experienced team of professionals is ever ready to assist you with EPSS analysis, design and development, implementation and measurement services. Their solutions have helped organizations like the Walt Disney Corporation, Microsoft and Deloitte to work more effectively and save money. Ontuitive solutions deliver “efficiency at work”.