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Benefits of Performance Support

Today’s competitive business environment requires ongoing change and process improvement.


As a result, many leading organizations are continually:

  • Re-engineering business processes
  • Implementing new or updated IT systems
  • Training employees to successfully implement new processes, systems, policies and procedures
  • Staffing help desks to support end-users
  • Building knowledge databases and information portals to support employee self-service


In order to fully realize the intended benefits of these continual changes, organizations need to enable their employees to successfully adopt and apply these new processes, skills, tasks, systems, and policies.


Benefits of Performance Support solutions

  • Increased employee productivity – Independent studies show that when compared to traditional training approaches employees were 3 times more productive when using a Performance Support solution.
  • Improved performance and accuracy – Research demonstrates that employees who utilized a Performance Support solution scored significantly higher in their ability to complete the task than those who relied on traditional training methods.
  • Reduction in help desk calls – As a result of implementing an effective Performance Support solution, organizations can reduce Tier 1 help desk calls by 25-75% and thereby save thousands of dollars in unnecessary support costs.
  • Greater employee and customer satisfaction – Studies show that employees had a significantly more positive attitude when provided a Performance Support solution than those who had used a traditional training approach. When employees can quickly locate answers, your customers satisfaction levels will naturally improve.
  • Reduced training time and lower costs – By leveraging and integrating an effective Performance Support solution, organizations have successfully shortened their training interventions resulting in a lower overall cost of training and reduced employee time spent in the training event.